Gimmie Some Rep!

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Gimmie Some Rep!

Postby dogsrule100 » 21 Nov 2011 15:56

Which rep class do you want most? What ones do you own?
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Re: Gimmie Some Rep!

Postby Megalock » 04 Jan 2012 22:04

The rep I want most is Rank 10 Troll because the class trollspellsmith look really amazing.
I own rank 10 arcangrove and rank 10 sandsea i dont have rank 10 doomwood yet but i have rank 8 so im colse to it. for now i just feel like getting rank 10 troll and not doomwood beacause necromancer is a little cheap in my opinion. i like a challenge but necro is just too easy to solo bosses with. :|
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Re: Gimmie Some Rep!

Postby rbingham2000 » 30 Jan 2012 17:45

I'm planning on getting my hands on Troll Spellsmith for the farming and solo potential, as well as Undead Slayer as a complement to Paladin once I become a member for lots of undead ownage.
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Re: Gimmie Some Rep!

Postby Major » 31 Jan 2012 11:00

I have rnk10
I think that's it, might sttart with etherstorm soon
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Re: Gimmie Some Rep!

Postby dinieland » 31 Jan 2012 14:29

i just have not all classes yet
poor me :(
just hope the admin could play me
but im believe that will never happen
i just want necro cause i want to solo bosses on my adventure so it will be easy cause other player just making my chatbox full and hard to get help... :(
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