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EpicDuel Gamma Evolution - May to June 2011

Postby WhiteTiger » 17 Jul 2011 10:14

EpicDuel Gamma Evolution 1.2.0b - Friday, May 6th, 2011
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May 03, 2011
Spring Cleaning!

Here at Delta V, we’re hard at work making everything nice and shiny for Spring! Firstly, if there’s anything EpicDuelists hate, it’s laaaaag. Well, Titan’s been combatting the lag- I’m not exactly sure how, but I assume that it has something to do with feeding the server hamsters pure caffeine. The performance improvements will have the added bonus of stopping would-be hackers in their tracks. Meanwhile, the Biodome is getting a long-needed graphical facelift.

Welcome Cinderella!

Also improving the Biodome’s appearance is the new NPC Cinderella. A scientist studying the unique and precious remaining life on Delta V (for example, the Bio Hazards aren’t mean, they’re just hungry!), she spends most of her time in the Biological Preserve, collecting samples and conducting experiments on their brains. Best not get on her bad side, or you might be the subject of her next journal article...


Mission Drops!

Administrator 12 needs things, but he’s often too busy with bureaucratic work to get anything done. So, he’s begun farming out the work- to you! Hunt down Oz and “persuade” him to give you a key card...

Also, don’t throw away that red gem or golden bullets- they’ll be useful for future missions in which they can be exchanged for awesome rewards!

HeroMart Offer!

Coming very soon to HeroMart, it’s the brand new EpicDuel Poster designed by the talented Randor the Red! Give EpicDuel a special place in your heart (and on your wall) by purchasing it directly from HeroMart!


Oooh... pretty.


If that wasn’t enough,everyone who buys an EpicDuel poster will get the Bionic Bear Bike! This is an exclusive rare, that is ONLY available with a purchase of the purchase of the poster. But that's not all, we'll also be offering an in-game version on the poster for your Epic dwellings in addition to a nice fat credit bonus.


We'll be offering signed and unsigned posters for all your Epic-decor needs. This is a limited poster run, so you would be wise to pick one up as soon as possible.

*Poster frame not included.

Coming Soon...
Mission Improvements

We’re developing few new features to make missions more fun and functional. We’ve fixed the level requirement bug for missions, and we’re introducing a new Mission Log feature. I know I get annoyed at having to constantly check back to find out I still need one more win, so the Mission Tracker will make all of our lives easier. Now you’ll be able to see:

  • Which mission you’re currently completing
  • Which NPC assigned said mission
  • Which missions you’ve already completed

You’ll also be able to abandon a mission without going back to the NPC, or starting a new mission.

This also allows us to build a prerequisite system for missions. Simply put, we’re implementing a system where unlocking the next step of a mission requires that you’ve completed the step before it.

EpicDuel Gamma Evolution 1.2.1 - Friday, May 13th, 2011
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May 11, 2011
I'm the Juggernaut!

Friday the 13th is traditionally known as the most unlucky day of the year, but this year, it’s your lucky day! This week’s update is sure to please even the most finicky of Duelists, especially since many of our players are taking finals and getting ready for the summer!

Charles! No! Get out of my head, Charles!

(If you understand that reference, congratulations, you win +1 Internets.)

You asked for it, we built it! Introducing the new Juggernaut battle mode. The word Juggernaut means a large, inexorable force that crushes everything in its path, the unique battle system allows players to pit themselves against opponents 2 versus 1 style! How this works is that two lower-level players will do battle against one higher-level player. If you survive, then you’re the Juggernaut, and may proclaim yourself as such. We’ll also be implementing a new leaderboard and win record along with the battle mode.

Other Stuff!

But that’s not all! For those of you who like missions and quests, we have more stuff for you to do on the way. In addition, players will now be able to receive Varium back from selling their promotional items. That bug and several others will be fixed in the coming update.

EpicDuel Gamma Evolution 1.2.1a - Friday, May 20th, 2011
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May 17, 2011
Juggernaut 2.0
Jug Hugs!

Thank you so much for helping us test our new battle mode! We DO read your feedback, and we’re fixing up the mode. We really needed a large-scale test of the system (as fun as it was for the four of us, we don’t represent the game at large), so thank you! As a reward, all of the players who help test the feature by purchasing a Gold Skull Card during this week will receive the super-rare Battle Tested Achievement! Good news for rare hunters too: the Gold Skull Card is going to be marked as “RARE” and will increase your rarity score.


The Battle Tested (1600 RP) and Juggernaut (2000 RP) Achievements!

The Silver Skull Card

Since it’s not entirely fair to let Varium players have all the fun, we’re opening up Juggernaut mode to Credit players too, with the NEW Silver Skull Card. Now, for a number of Credits, ANYONE over level 20 will be able to play this unique battle mode... from the other side! MWAHAHAHA! *cough* Sorry about that.


Bug Smashing

As with ANYTHING new, there’s bound to be problems, and Titan’s been hard at work to fix them all for you! Starting with this update, you’ll be able to see your Juggernaut record on your stats page. Addtionally, many of the glitches with creating a Juggernaut battle have been fixed. We’ve also fixed the damage issue with low percentage hits. You may have noticed that sometimes moves like Cheap Shot, Berzerker, or Rage attacks were showing damage along the lines of 0-2-1 or other very low damage markers. Well, no longer will you hit for 0 damage!

Matching Sets

In addition, a lot of you have been complaining about the level range for Juggernaut battle. Originally, how we’d set it up was the Juggernaut’s level, subtract 9 and then add or subtract 2 to that, and that’s how you’d match other players. But, that didn’t present enough of a challenge for the Juggernaut, and serves to discourage lower-level players from playing team battles. We’re altering the matching system to increase the level of the Juggernaut underdog by 2 and increase the range by 1. So now, instead of a level 33 Juggernaut facing two players from 22-26 the Juggernaut will face two players in the 23-28 range, which should solve this problem.

Back to the Hutch!


With this update, the Egg-zooka promotional items are going RARE! Congratulations to all who got these awesome weapons. Hopefully they will serve you in battle for many duels to come. With the 'zookas coming out of the game, the new promo item for summer will be...

Boom! Headshot!


Some of our players have suggested a weapon that has a unique battle move, and we thought that idea was really cool! So, after sending those adorable bunnies back to their little hutches, we’ll be introducing the promotional Stun Cannon and Stun Blaster with a 5% chance to stun! These beasty and beautiful sidearms will be available as soon as go live with the update with purchase of the $50 varium package!

To accomodate for the greater opportunity to stun available to all players who own these guns, we have complely removed the defense reduction on stunned players (previously -15%). Also, the stun chance on the gun will not be affected by Shadow Arts.

EpicDuel Gamma Evolution 1.2.1b - Thursday, May 26th, 2011
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May 25, 2011
Time for Pudding?

Hey EpicDuelists! It’s that time of the week again! Time for pudding? No, silly, it’s time for the EpicDuel Design Notes! Although I could go for some pudding...

Website Improvements

You may notice something different about the website (or not, depending on when the DNs go live). Nightwraith and Charfade have been hard at work making everything more attractive and functional. This is still the same EpicDuel you know and love (new look, same great taste...).

Mission Log!

We promised it two weeks ago, but it proved to be a little more complex than initially anticipated. We’re implementing a new Mission Log. Now you’ll be able to see which NPC you should return to, your progress on the current mission, and the mission reward. In a future release (as soon as next week) you'll be able to view all of your completed missions.

In this release, you’ll also be able to abandon a mission if you’re having trouble or decided not to complete the mission after all. Valery doesn’t need those guns THAT badly...


What do all those little buttons do? The green, circular button refreshes the mission status. This lets you know your current progress.

The green arrow button allows you to jump to the NPC that gave you the mission at any time. This makes those pesky errand missions much less of a pain in the legs.

The red slashy circle behind the exclaimation point allows you to cancel the mission from anywhere, at an time. You can also still cancel a mission my accepting another one (You can't take more than one mission at a time. I guess citizens of Delta V can't multitask!).

Mission Log!

The Administrator 12 has a new mission for you in Fortune City. This is a tough one so grab your best gear and prepare to take on the Lawman himself!



Slash Commands

You may notice that the mission log button has replaced the Actions button. This button was fine for a time, but the interface has become very conjested with all of our features. To compromise, we made it possible to access the various actions with slash commands. We've found it's actually much easier than picking out a button and provides more opportunities for super-secret actions in the future! /mysterious

Here is list of all the current slash commands. Simply enter these into the chat window and press Enter to perform them. (Note: These commands do not work in battle or PM windows)


Juggernaut Improvements

Thank you for all of your concerns about the balancing for Juggernaut battles. While we’re holding off on adding a Juggernaut button to the bottom of the screen, we are changing up the balance to make it better for the Underdogs. We’re raising the Underdog range up 2 levels. Meaning that a level 33 Juggernaut will now be facing a team with the level range of 25-30. A quick way to know the levels your character could face in a Juggernaut battle is to take your level and subtract 3 and 8- that will give your Underdog level range!

Bug Smashing!

We’ve fixed the "CHECK POINT FAIL 6" bug that was related to skill warmups. What on Delta V does that mean? Have you ever been in a battle, clicked a skill, and nothing happened? Annoying, huh? That's CHECK POINT FAIL 6.

Another great fix is the elimination of the Admin Kick 100 and 101 errors. These were happening when players received the "Battle Failed to Start" error while battling from a house or Faction HQ.

Admin Kick 115 still remains elusive. Let us know on the forums if you see it happen.

We've also fixed the daily leaderboard bug that incorrectly displays win %.

Looking Forward...

On a happier note, we’d anticipated a portion of this update that should make our players happy. However, the sheer volume is so large that we need a bit more time to draw all of them. “All of what?” you ask? Well, next week we’re setting up a new Player Suggestion Shop! Some of our lucky players will have their items featured in-game, and receive the Epic Artist achievement as well as their item!

Thank you for your continued support, suggestions, and criticism!

EpicDuel Gamma Evolution 1.2.1c - Friday, June 3rd, 2011
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June 1, 2011
Player Suggestion Shop

Hi there, EpicDuelists! How was your weekend? The DNs are a little bit late this week due to the Memorial Day holiday.

Player Suggestion Shop

Thank you to all the artists who submitted pieces to the Weapons/Items Suggestion thread in the BattleOn! Forums! We had a great time looking through all of your submitted artworks, and I want to remind you that we’ll be looking at Player Suggestions in the future as well. So, even if we didn’t pick your art this time around, don’t put those pencils down!

Again, the artists whose submissions were chosen receive the item in their inventories as well as the EpicArtist achievement. For everybody else, you’ll be able to purchase these awesome items from Naomi Page in Central Station!


The contributors are, in no particular order:

Marauder Boomstick: Order
Chainstaff: Veneeria
Imperial Warstaff: Veneeria
Oblivion Staff: Veneeria
Ancient Warstaff:Freestyle
Wraith Reavers:Veerdin Wraith
Touch of Agony: Freestyle
Circle of Pain: Veneeria
Royal War Blades:Electrik Dynomite
Electro Axe: Dillbagel
Duty Calls: Veneeria
Junker Maul:BloodRainbow
Exile War Sword: Eternal Black Knight
Legion War Sword: Eternal Black Knight
Super Plasma Cleaver: Veneeria
Blade of Generating: Dillbagel
Kraken Reaper: Lord Giratina

Congratulations! You earned your achievements and free weapons with your EPIC creativity!

Good-bye Gamma...

We’re almost ready to phase out this era of EpicDuel. We don’t have a date set, but it should be coming sometime in the early summer! What’s coming during Delta? For one thing, the Gamma Gear (ie the Gamma Bike and Gamma Bot) will be going permanently rare, as will the Gamma achievement- so grab that cheevo while you still can!

There are other evolutions coming during Delta...


Class Evolutions

Not only is the game evolving, but so are you! We’re bringing new evolutions to our current classes in the form of three new classes, that will be available by using the Class Change feature!

Blood Mage: This fierce class is a brawler who’s not afraid to dish out the pain. The Blood Mage is more melee-focused than previous incarnations of the Mage, and not afraid to get their hands dirty...

Cyber Hunter: These bounty hunters started experimenting by infusing themselves with more technology, becoming a powerful amalgamation of flesh and metal...

War Master: Truly skilled warriors are able to learn from their opponents, and nowhere is this better exemplified than by the War Masters. Utilizing the brute strength, cunning, and technological prowess of their enemies, this player is truly the War Master...

Before we release these new classes, we will be conducting extensive testing to make sure they’re not overpowered, as balance is still (and always will be) a pertinent issue in a PvP game.

I’ll be able to give you more details as they become available to me. Thank you so much for being with us in our testing phase and joining us in the continued evolution of EpicDuel!
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EpicDuel Delta Evolution - June to August 2011

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Dawn of Delta- No Update this Week
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June 8, 2011
Dawn of Delta
The Dawn of Delta

Hi folks! This might be a disappointing week for you guys, so I apologize in advance. As you know, Titan and Artix are currently at E3, the huge trade show for electronic and video game developers. While this is awesome for us, and double awesome for Titan and Artix (maybe they’ll get some awesome ideas for new games!), it also means that there’s no update for EpicDuel this week.

Now, just because we have nothing going into the game this week doesn’t mean we’re taking the week off! We’d like to take this opportunity to show you what we’re working on for the next phase of EpicDuel: Delta!

Enter Alydriah

Cruel even by the standards of the Shadow Guard, Alydriah Descarl’s name strikes fear into the hearts of even the most battle-hardened of Baelius’s soldiers. She was responsible for the incineration of the mining camps south of Jumerna, as well as many of the dissenting miners in the continent’s mineral-rich “Varium Ring”. Believing that the old ways are the best, she prefers flagellation, the stocks, and ultimately public executions to the soft, civilized punishments of the modern era.

This blood thirst earned her a spot at the head of the Legion, however her desire for blood and order at all costs pits her against not only the Rebellion- spearheaded by Oz- but against Baelius himself. It seems the recent chaos has presented the perfect opportunity for her to make the next move.

You can read more about Alydriah and the Shadow Guard on the BattleOn Forums.

Fortune City Overhaul

Descarl is not only a lover of destruction, but a lover of beauty, and by her command, her beloved Fortune City is being restored to its former glory. Expect a revamp of the Fortune City artwork soon!

See Our Ugly Mugs!

Are you a fan who’s ever wondered what we look like in real life? Whether just to see if we meet your expectations of looks, or just to stalk us (please don’t stalk us), you will have the opportunity to meet, greet, and maybe even hang out with BattleOn staff at the following conventions:


PARIAHCON: This convention (Lakeland, FL’s first anime/gaming/collectible convention) will be held at the Imperial Swan Hotel and Suites in Lakeland, Florida on June 10th and 11th. Artix, Nythera, Thyton, Jemini, Korin, Cysero and other members of the AE staff will be there (in Artists’ Alley as well as manning a booth) and will be holding a panel Friday at 4:00 PM in the Main Events room on the 7th floor. Since this will be a small, intimate, convention you’ll have more of an opportunity to have fun with AE staff!


METROCON: This one is held at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida, June 17-19. AE will have a panel at 2:00 PM on Saturday. Apparently the Boss Man gets overly excited about merch, so if you see a grown man dressed as a Paladin loaded down with shopping bags, it might not be Artix but there’s at least a decent chance he will be.


DRAGONCON: This one isn’t until September, but as always, DragonCon is a Big Deal, like 80,000 attendees big. It’s held the first weekend of September- this year it’s September 2-5- in Atlanta, GA. AE has a panel, and attendees who come to see us will be able to get the sweet, rare items that could include a signed banana, random anime videos, or exclusive in-game rares! I love my little Steampunk dragon from last year- who knows what kind of awesome things you can pick up this year?

Delta Preview
Cinderella wrote:Image

June 16, 2011
Delta Preview

Welcome to summer EpicDuelists! Titan and Artix made it back from E3 safe, refreshed, and inspired!


Get the full story on Artix's DN post!

The reason (besides our inability to chain Titan to his desk and pump intravenous caffeine into him... we tried and it did not end well) we haven’t released content is because we’re preparing for the next stage of EpicDuel: Delta! There are so many changes to the database to accomodate for the new classes, that we can't risk an update until we're ready to launch.

Yes, we are now able to announce a date for the Delta release. The new version of EpicDuel is tentatively scheduled to release on June 28, 2011. Stay tuned as this date is subject to change. That gives you plenty of time to formulate new builds for the new classes and devise strategies for defeating our toughest boss characters yet!

If you’ve visited me in the Biodome, you know that I’m a scientist, and this new evolution of EpicDuel is exciting for me. See, in science the Greek letter Δ means “change”- and EpicDuel is evolving. This means new areas, new stuff, new faces, new ways to collaborate, and new ways to affect and tell the story of Delta V. This also means that the Gamma Gear (bot, bike, cheevo) will be going permanently rare!

Delta also means "forth in a series." Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta? Works for me!

Skill Previews!

Last week, we introduced you to our Delta classes. We're still not quite sure how the class change process will work with these new classes, but we do know that we want to make it as fair and easy as posible to try these awesome new classes. This week, as we feverishly continue to build everything necessary for more than 3 classes to work, we will be introducing you to 3 of the new skills you'll be able to use.

  • For the Tactical Mercenaries (we changed the name to maintain the theme of the other two classes), you’ll be able to use a skill called Frenzy. By using this lethal new attack, you’ll be able to crush your opponent, as well as taking some of their health for your own!
  • Cyber Hunters will be able to experiment with the new Plasma Grenade, an energy-based attack that has a chance to stun your opponent!
  • Blood Mages will be able to break through their opponents’ defenses with the Plasma Cannon, an awesome weapon that launches a stream of concentrated energy at your opponents.


So what we’re trying to say here is, it’s gonna be pretty awesome.

New Faces

You’ve already heard the story about the violent and calculating Alydriah Descarl, so I don’t need to reintroduce her to you. Today, I would like to introduce to you, the Imperial Tech Mage.


Years before the rebellion on Delta V, Baelius ordered the formation of an elite group of Tech Mages who would could enforce his will across his empire. The technology used to create these psychic assassins was still fairly new, so the dangerous process meant that many volunteers died before they could even be trained. Those that remained were very unstable. Violent, ruthless, and intensely loyal to the Baelius.

After the incident that banished 80% of Delta V's population to a prison between dimensions, the Imperial Mages grew restless. Without new orders from Baelius, some chose to serve his underlings, such as Alydriah and Caden. Their specialized training made them ideal templates for Blood Mages, a battle-hardened and brutal form of Tech Mage.

Alydriah and the masked mages can’t compare to another individual lurking around Fortune City. Somewhere in it's dark underbelly lives a man who spreads his influence throughout the entirety of the continent. Could he be the one really masterminding the Revolution? To discover his aims and secrets, you’ll first have to find him...


See Our Ugly Mugs!


METROCON: This one is held at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida, June 17-19. AE will have a panel at 2:00 PM on Saturday. Apparently the Boss Man gets overly excited about merch, so if you see a grown man dressed as a Paladin loaded down with shopping bags, it might not be Artix but there’s at least a decent chance he will be.

P.S. Thyton LOVES it when you tell him MechQuest is too hard.

EpicDuel Delta Evolution 1.3.0 - Wednesday, June 29th, 2011
Cinderella wrote:Image

June 28, 2011
Delta Launch Detected

After all this waiting (as our fans have made abundantly clear, it’s been a long wait) we’re finally releasing EpicDuel Delta. Sometime on Wednesday, June 29th (what time? When it’s ready o’clock) we will be rolling live with the next stage of EpicDuel’s evolution!


Delta Gear

As a special thanks to our players who upgrade during the Delta stage, purchasers of the Epic Varium Package AFTER THE DELTA RELEASE GOES LIVE will receive the Delta Destroyer Weapon Pack! This includes 4 beautiful, rare weapons: the Delta Destroyer itself- which can be used by any class, the piercing Delta Daggers, the crushing Delta Maul, and the powerful Delta Staff.


However, everybody will be able to go to any Achievement vendor and pick up the FREE Delta Knight Achievement!


With the dawn of Delta, it does mean that the Gamma gear and Gamma cheevo will be going rare forever! So grab it before it’s gone for good!

New Classes

We’ve been tirelessly working on balancing the three new classes, shuffling skills around, etc. and you folks are really in for a treat! I know that many of you have seen my character page reading “_ Mercenary” (we ended up fixing that bug- go Titan!), but we have a bigger testing team than ever: Titan, Nightwraith, and Charfade of course, Dorumon, Rainaka, Wiseman, Omni, Ashari, Roshuno, me (Cinderella), and we even managed to steal Randor the Red. I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank everybody who helped us out with testing the Delta release.

These new classes should provide the player who loves a challenge with increased variety of skills and builds, and are available from any class change vendor. They will also be able to use the same weapons and armors as the three original classes.


Blood Mage is the more aggressive and violent version of the Tech Mage. After being hardened by battle, some of the mages developed a lust for blood, and a balance between magic and melee. As a Blood Mage, you will be able to use the devastating Plasma Cannon, which includes a 25% chance for critical strike and ignores 20% of your opponent’s resistance. Blood Mages will be able to wear Tech Mage armor and use swords or staffs.


Cyber Hunter is a technologically advanced hunter. Some members of Baelius’s Shadow Guard started experimenting with the advanced technology available on the main continent, integrating some of that technology into their battle repertoire. As a Cyber Hunter, you will be able to use the Plasma Grenade, which explodes on contact- injuring your enemy with a 30% chance to stun! Cyber Hunters will be able to wear Bounty Hunter armor and use swords or wristblades.


Tactical Mercenary is an intellectual and crafty mercenary who uses tricks to defeat the enemy. When Baelius took over the planet, some of the more intellectual citizens were forced to work in the mines, and were able to create tactical weaponry from the mining tools- such as the Toxic Grenade which has an unblockable Damage Over Time effect. Tactical Mercenaries will be able to wear Mercenary armor and use swords or mauls.

2 vs 1 Boss Battles!

You asked for it, we built it! This is probably the feature we’re most excited about, honestly, and we’re really proud of what we came up with! Titan’s rigged it up so that you’ll be able to pick your partner from your buddy list. You select your buddy, then click on the icon that looks like a little chain. This requests an “Ally Link” with your buddy, which will change the icon next to your buddy from a green dot (indicating online) to a little chain, allowing you to team up for boss battles!


Step 1: Select a buddy. If you don't have any buddies, then it's time to socialize!


Step 2: Click the link button on your buddy list (it looks like a little chain link)! This will issue an ally request.


Step 3: After your buddy accepts, click the challenge button on the NPC. The battle will begin after your ally joins. Note that only certain NPCs can be challenged by 2 players.


Step 4: FIGHT! You'll need all the help you can get against this literal monster.

(A BIG thank you to Rainaka for helping me demo this!)

You may have noticed that the first 2v1 boss you’ll be able to defeat is the Armor Hazard. To celebrate her return to Fortune City, Alydriah Descarl “commissioned” a pet from Fortune City’s Biological Researchers- in particular, a promising young scientist working on insects named Ella St. Alban (better known as Cinderella). She created this abomination created by transfecting a fetal BioHazard with a virus carrying genes of her beloved Armour Beetles. Cinderella barely survived delivering the thing to Descarl, but teaming together, two seasoned warriors may be able to defeat it. Cinderella says that the only way it can be killed, however, is to remove BOTH it's hearts..

New and Improved!

The New: Several new faces are showing up in Delta V- or just coming out of hiding.


Alydriah Descarl is the beautiful and cold architect of the destruction of Delta V. Her cruelty strikes fear into the hearts of even the most battle hardened soldiers of the Legion. Preferring public executions and flagellation to the soft punishments of the modern age, she earned a place at the head of the Legion. However, her main love is destruction, and her appetite for destruction leads her to fight not only against the surviving exiles, but her own former allies.

The Imperial Tech Mage is one of Baelius’s creations. The Imperial Tech Mages were an elite force of warrior mages. They were famous for their resilience due to the fact that most of them did not survive the training process. After the Banishment- which imprisoned the vast majority of the population of Delta V between dimensions- some of the Imperial Tech Mages chose to follow Alydriah or Caden.

The Mystery of Alydriah and the masked mages can’t compare to another individual lurking somewhere in the dark underbelly of Fortune City. Could this Mysterious Individual be the one really masterminding the Revolution? To discover his aims and secrets and how they effect EpicDuel, you’ll first have to find him...

The Improved: Alydriah Descarl is not only a lover of destruction, but a lover of beauty. She’s commissioned the rebuilding of her beloved Fortune City. Players can expect a much more attractive visual experience.

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our dedicated staff and players for make this game what it is. Without your continued support, we wouldn’t be able to keep making the awesome happen.

Now back to the test server. Still work to be done!

Duel On!


Design Notes, July 6, 2011
Cinderella wrote:Image

July 06, 2011
Delta Performance Update
Performance and Art Updates

Hey all! Thank you for making EpicDuel’s Delta release amazing- we really couldn’t have done it without you. It’s awesome to see how many of you defeated my Armor Hazard creation (thanks for that, Ms. Descarl never actually paid me, although I suppose being alive is payment in and of itself...). Because server stability and performance are top priority, this week is going to be primarily about fixes and balance improvements!

Ninja Update!

*whoosh* Did you see that? Late last week we rolled out a “ninja update”- you’ll notice that Titan and Nightwraith are now carrying the Independence weapons, and we also rolled an update to the game engine. The game engine update may have caused problems for some of you, and improved things for others. The game is running more smoothly on our end, though, so it’s ripe for some performance updates!


Unfortunately, I don’t think that we’ll ever be able to say we’ve completely eliminated lag from the game- even if we give the server hamsters intravenous caffeine injections (believe me, we’ve looked into it). And while we won’t know for sure if our lag problems will be solved with this update, Titan’s at least going to try!

That said, the Lag Monster is a tricky beast, causing numerous other errors ranging from harmless visual bugs to skipped turns. Titan is also working on a solution for the bugs that are effecting battle. These problems are especially hard to recreate because they usually need a server full of 800 people to show up, a scenario that's impossible to recreate on the test server.

Back to bug smashing. *squish*


A few of the screens are getting a visual lift too- specifically Valestra’s bar. With all the tokens from the achievements she sells, Valestra’s been able to hire a contractor to come in and fix up the joint. Come on down, check it out, and maybe settle in for a refreshing Energy Potion!

Balancing Act

A lot of you have been complaining about the balance of the new classes. In testing, we were all pretty equal using all 6 classes, and very different builds. However, even hundreds of battles with a handful of testers can't uncover the wide-scale balance issues discovered by the rest of the community. That said, we are going to implement a few changes- we haven’t finalized them yet, so they may not all be this update. We aren’t doing this so that everyone class changes to the current flavor-of-the-month, but to make the game fun for everybody. Remember, we have been buffing and nerfing classes since Alpha, way before class change was even a feature. We sincerely want a variety of classes and builds- not to make one build overpowered over everybody else. That said, each class has its strengths and weaknesses, and some strategies are more effective than others. In PvP, this is unavoidable and not something that should necessarily be changed. The point of balance is not to make everyone the same, but to give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed.

Because we are still testing proposed changes to the classes, we don't want to announce anything specific at this time. Look for a specific list of buffs/nerfs/adjustments as testing progresses.

This should be obvious to people who play competative games that require constant balance, but it might be worth mentioning: Class attributes and skills are subject to change and can possibly be nerfed and/or buffed over time. You will not be refunded on Varuim,Credits or Artix Points if you are unhappy with the changes. It's much more useful to us to post why the changes hurt or help your class and help us with the balancing process by posting your suggestions in the AE Forums.

Design Notes, July 8, 2011
Nightwraith wrote:Image

July 08, 2011
Delta Update Update
Titan is still wraslin' with performance improvements so we'll need a bit more time to roll an update. As we add more features it gets more and more challenging to find areas for improvement. We're also making some HUGE backend changes that nobody will notice and will probably not be too excited about (unless you get excited about cloud networking and subdomains).

We've also got a round of balance changes that still need major testing.

Charfade and I aren't slouching with this extra time. We've decided to use the extra time to deliver another 2v1 Boss, more missions (finally get rid of those lingering quest items), and whatever else we can squeeze in a few more days. The rest of Fortune City is still getting a much needed overhaul to match with the main thoroughfare, but we're also updating the content in all existing screens as well!

Expect a mid-week release next week. If all goes according to plan, this will be an update that drastically improves the overall experience of the game for all players. As always, thank you for your patience and support!

Design Notes, July 19 2011
July 19, 2011
Update Addendum
Let me just amend that last update. We PLANNED on having a update ready for Monday, but due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, we were unable to do so. We worked all day Monday to try to get the security update live for the both the Master Account (or is it Artix Account?) and EpicDuel, but we only had time for the Master Account. I announced it on my Twitter account, but I forgot to update the design notes to reflect that. Oops.

Many of you are also probably aware of the network-wide downtime this Sunday. That was due to the notorious load balancer. Since it's silly to remain dependant on one fickle piece of hardware, we are freeing ourselves of its clutches this Friday (or possibly Thursday) when we go live with an content/balance/security update. Should be good times.

Stay tuned for more info.

EpicDuel Delta Evolution 1.3.0b - Thursday, July 14, 2011
Nightwraith wrote:Image

July 14, 2011
Update Update Update

Time for another ninja update! You know what that mean? A lot of work that most people won't notice, but is essential for EpicDuel's continued growth and development. Here's a quick rundown of what we've done this week.

Performance Improvements

What makes this is a true ninja update is all the changes to EpicDuel's code. The Delta launch was extremely smooth, but the new features created a great deal of lag. As we continually ad more features, items, and classes, the database gets bogged down with more checks and requests than it can handle. At this point, digging through EpicDuel's code is like viewing a cross-section of the Earth's crust: as you dig deeper, you see some weeeeeird stuff, like fossils. EpicDuel is full of code Leopluradons. Titan has been working tirelessly to excavate...er update the code to allow EpicDuel to grow without imploding.

Fortune City Improvements

Continuing the improvements from Delta, Alydriah has renovated Valestra's, and several other screens around Fortune City. Fortune City is the oldest area in the game, so it felt good to revisit this popular region of Delta V.

New Mission!

Alydriah's Spire is draining the energy in Fortune City, leaving very little for the Science Facility to operate. Talk to Talia in the facility to help her out. I may have something to do with Alydriah's new crony, Administrator 11. His energy source may be the key to solving her crisis. Be warned, however, you'll need more than one warrior to take him down!

Balance Changes

Everyone's favorite part of a competitive, online PvP game! There's always a very strong reaction to balance adjustments, but please keep in mind that not every change needs to be a buff and not every "nerf" is because we dislike a specific class. After all, we wouldn't have built them if we didn't like them!

Tactical Mercenary
  • Frenzy now requires a Club and healing effect is slightly reduced.
  • Toxic Grenade's Poison damage reduced by 2 to put it more on par with Venom Stike.

Cyber Hunter
  • Static Charge's effect increased by 5% at each level.

Blood Mage
  • Blood Mage's Assimilate replaced with Reflex Boost to provide them with a means to improve defense and blocking.

Stay tuned for another release this Monday as we continue our backend improvements and balance adjustments.

Nightwraith wrote:Image

July 19, 2011
Update Addendum

Let me just amend that last update. We PLANNED on having a update ready for Monday, but due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, we were unable to do so. We worked all day Monday to try to get the security update live for the both the Master Account (or is it Artix Account?) and EpicDuel, but we only had time for the Master Account. I announced it on my Twitter account, but I forgot to update the design notes to reflect that. Oops.

Many of you are also probably aware of the network-wide downtime this Sunday. That was due to the notorious load balancer. Since it's silly to remain dependant on one fickle piece of hardware, we are freeing ourselves of its clutches this Friday (or possibly Thursday) when we go live with an content/balance/security update. Should be good times.

Stay tuned for more info.

EpicDuel Delta Evolution 1.3.0c - Friday, July 22nd, 2011
Cinderella wrote:Image

July 21, 2011
Arc-attacular Update
EpicDuel's new URL will be http://epicduel.artix.com/play-now/
Redirects should be working shortly, but you may want to update your Bookmarks as well!

High-Wire Balancing Act

Well, it appears that we all know that EpicDuel crashed this weekend. For those of you who are fans of EpicDuel on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, you already know that the crash was not just EpicDuel, but AdventureQuest, AdventureQuest Worlds, MechQuest and DragonFable (essentially everybody but HeroSmash was affected by the crash). Titan ended up having to re-publish the entire game from a coffeeshop! I want to personally thank all of our players for bearing with us and waiting patiently while AE was essentially down.

The crash was related to load balancer, and fortunately we’ll be able to avoid this problem in the future since we’re moving the games to Artix subdomains! We’ve also been working on patching up some exploits and bugs, which is why we have been restarting the live game throughout the week. If you still see exploits being used, please give us as much detail as possible- knowing exactly what’s going on helps us find the problem so Titan can fix it!

We will likely be restarting once again today (Thursday) to install more fixes, but the content and balance updateswill be released tomorrow.

Balance Updates

After taking the feedback from the most recent update, we are continuing to tweak balance among the new and old classes. We have not settled on specifics yet, but it seems Cyber Hunters and Blood Mages are still comparatively underpowered and we will make changes to address that. There are tons of suggestions for balance right now, some more drastic than others, but at this point we would rather approach balance with a scalpel than a sledgehammer.

*Update* Complications in the dev server have forced us to push the balance update to the next week since the changes weren't thoroughly tested.


It's time again for another round of armors. Shed your current battle-worn exterior and try something new! Nightwraith’s been working on a few new armors for the non-varium crowd, including the new City Guard Armor, the Imperial Tech Mage and the Exile Soldier Armor! Visit Naomi in Central Station to check them out!

Name: New City Guard
Level: 30
Price: 21,600 Credits
Class: Mercenary/Tactical Mercenary
Defense/Resistance: +7
Dexterity: 6
Technology: 6
Enhancement Slots: 6

Name: Imperial Mage
Level: 30
Price: 21,600 Credits
Class: Tech Mage/Blood Mage
Defense/Resistance: +7
Strength: 7
Dexterity: 5
Enhancement Slots: 6

Name: Exile Soldier
Level: 30
Price: 21,600 Credits
Class: Bounty Hunter/Cyber Hunter
Defense/Resistance: +7
Strength: 6
Support: 6
Enhancement Slots: 6

*Update* By popular request, we have made the armors a higher tier with more competative stats (with an appropriately increased price).

But what about the varium players you ask? We hope to have an extra-special LQS item for them Friday!

*Update* The LQS Tesla armor didn't make it for Friday. Look for it next week with preview images ASAP!

What's in a Name?
Is there a name you've wanted since you created your character but couldn't have it because some level 3 was sitting on it? Now may be your chance! With this update, we are clearing the database of thousands of names taken by inactive players! Is your dream name now available? Only one way to find out!

Special AQWorlds Musical Event Featuring ArcAttack!
We’re aiming for to release earlier on Friday because we’ll probably be playing AQW on Friday, July 22 at 6 PM EST! Rounding out the DoomWood Saga in AQW will be the musical stylings of ArcAttack, who have harnessed the power of lightning and are using it to create music... FOR SCIENCE! All of us nerds (science nerds and music nerds alike) over here at AE are super-excited about it, and we’re sure you’ll love it too!

EpicDuel Delta Evolution 1.3.0d/e
Cinderella wrote:Image

July 27, 2011

The Continuing Story of Four Young Adults’ Continuing Descent into Madness

Hello there, EpicDuelists. Did you check out ArcAttack’s music in the AQW DoomWood Event? You might have caught me online during the event- I’m kind of a music nerd! But that doesn’t mean we’re ignoring this game! See what we’ve been up to in the past week!

Pseudo-entomological Oddities

You may have noticed we had a quick midweek update. In essence, the update was just to fix some bugs, and roll some performance updates. Titan has been on a coding rampage to fix all the old rickety systems in EpicDuel that have limited our forward progress. Do you know why all Varium hairstyles cost the same and why we haven't introduced new credit-only styles? Because the code/database structures wouldn't allow it! We've improved that to a point where now we'll be able to offer new credit-only styles, rare seasonal styles, and maybe even styles that you can keep forever!

Also, as of this Friday we will be adding a restriction on sellback for the current promotional items, the Delta Destroyer set. Sellback will be restricted during the promotional period and reactivated once the item is no longer for sale in case you ever need to part with it to free up space. This will help protect players who somehow manage to lose control over their accounts (remember, kids! Keep your passwords safe!) and wake up one day to find their cherished promotional gear sold!

In the coming weeks we hope to make even more progress that will allow us the flexibility to move forward with features like new bots, non-humanoid bosses, and dozens of small improvements that will make your EpicDuel experience more enjoyable.

Limited-Quantity Shop coming Friday!

We promised it was coming, and then we made you wait a bit. I apologize for that, but hopefully it will be worth the wait! The Tesla armor is unique in the sense that it’s not class-specific, but it is gender-specific. Yes, if you play as a female character and don't want to look like you overdressed for a snowball fight, you will be able to purchase and wear the Lady Tesla armor, the height of fashion on Delta V! We didn't release it sooner because making that work is not as easy as one might think! Also, we have made the Tesla head an optional style so you can show off your own mug if you so choose!

Here are the stats for those players already lining the block to pick up this electrifying new armor!


Name: Tesla Armor
Level: 33
Price: 15,000 Credits / 995 Varium
Class: Any
Defense/Resistance: +9
Dexterity: 8
Technology: 8
Enhancement Slots: 8

Name: Lady Tesla Armor
Level: 33
Price: 15,000 Credits / 995 Varium
Class: Any
Defense/Resistance: +9
Dexterity: 8
Technology: 8
Enhancement Slots: 8
*Update: We have reshuffled the stat bonuses based on player suggestions in the forums.

We’re not sure how many of each gender/flavor we’ll be implementing at first (250 each, maybe?), but expect a restock next week (if they’ve sold out). Many players have felt discouraged by the randomness of our restocks of limited quantity items in the past, but this time we are defining the schedule in advance. You can purchase the Tesla armors from Naomi Page in Central Station after the release goes live this Friday evening.

Balance Changes

We haven’t released the balance changes yet, since there are some problems we had to fix recently, and the list of proposed changes presented by our balance team is long and complicated. I’m not sure if we’ll squeeze them in this week or not.

Speaking of bugs...

Nightwraith found this cutie the other day, and given my love of buggy brilliance, asked me to identify her for him!


I am adorable!

I was able to identify her (she’s a Longhorned Beetle), and I think she needs to make a guest appearance in the game! What do you think?
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EpicDuel Delta Evolution - August to September 2011

Postby WhiteTiger » 14 Sep 2011 02:40

Nightwraith wrote:Image

August 05, 2011
[url=http://epicduel.artix.com/gamedesignnotes/whoops-1088]Coding is hard...or so I've heard

Sorry fellers, it looks like we didn't get to most of the features and balance improvements we planned for this week. We've been undertaking what has become and increasingly more massive project this summer to essentially rebuild the foundations of the EpicDuel game code. What started as a modest rewrite has turned into a full scale war against bad, old code and confoundingly inefficient database designs that should allow us to do things that we previously deemed to difficult or outright impossible to implement. The parts of the game being rewritten are the same things that have prevented us from introducing more bots, more quests, more class changing items and more of everything you like about the EpicDuel.

We're still planning on implementing the balance change next week, but it looks like we'll need to squash a few more bugs fore we start building new.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding as we usher in a bold new era of features and content for our humble little game.

Cinderella wrote:Image

August 10, 2011
Coding Mania, and what’s next to come...
Those of you who frequent the forum were treated to a post from our Fearless Leader, Titan. For those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s his post in its entirety:

For those who are wondering what the changes made on Friday and over the weekend actually were, I am here to enlighten you.

What it means for you is a variety of exciting possibilities. I’ve installed several structural changes as promised in EpicDuel Delta that will make new features possible. Prior to this update, many of the major features were what I would classify in the “overwhelming difficult to build” category because of limitations caused by the design of the game code. After spending loads of hours rethinking and retooling the engine, you can expect big expansions to the game at a rate faster than you’ve seen since we launched.

Some of these features include new armor types (not just for player, but also for NPCs), larger more meaningful factions, tournament brackets, larger buddy lists and group chats, item banks, improved retraining system, and additions to the storyline that will push the faction war to new limits.

Thousands of lines of code were updated to work more dynamically over the weekend... this means faster development times for new features in the future. When it comes to adding things like new drops, prizes, armors, weapons, etc, it’s now a much faster process for us. Instead of having to define an item id in 15+ different places, we can now more rapidly create content that simply works! This is an empowering change for Nightwraith and Charfade as they’ll be able to more easily add content without the need for additional coding assistance.

These are all ways in which we can now improve the game for you, and though balance changes had to wait until this week, the options now available to us for new features, and items is vast. Overall, this week’s progress, though it may not look big content wise, has been a very big step! We would like to thank you all for understanding, and hope you enjoy the exciting features and items these changes will allow us to release!

Plus, an added benefit that hopefully most of you are finding is an improvement in server response times... faster gameplay means more battles, more fun, and more EPIC!

As always, the entire EpicDuel staff is dedicated to making a fun gameplay experience for everyone, whether it’s Titan actually coding the game, or Charfade and Nightwraith drawing the in-game content, or my team balancing, testing, and disciplining the game, or me with the varied things I do for the game (writing the DNs, some of the writings on the website and in-game are my doing, I run the Facebook, etc.) We are working hard to improve the game, Dear Players, and I hope that hearing it directly from Titan reassures you of that fact.

Balance Changes

I announced last week that we were prepared to roll live with several proposed balance changes, including adjustments to set-damage skills (such as Plasma Grenade or Overload), which could either buff or nerf the skills depending on your current build. Factoring in character’s level with set-damage skills will establish a more fair range of damage for the skill, and allow us extend the usefulness of skills that are often overlooked at the higher levels. This level based improvement formula. can also be extended to buffs and debuffs. We will even be able to control the rate at which certain skills improve to prevent them from becoming UPed or OPed at higher levels.

As always, we’re concerned with improving balance and making the game more fun, for all of our players, and some of these balance changes should help to bridge the gap between paid and unpaid players. It’s always been a tricky situation for us to maintain balance, and the battle is never over. However, with changes like these, we feel we’re taking steps in the right direction.

In addition, we’re talking about raising the level cap to 34, so both paid and free members will have something to which they can look forward!

Insect Fact of the Week

If you’ve gone down through the mines, you’ve likely met Insectoid mine worker Kraggor. Kraggor’s people are modeled after real-life eusocial insects. In these creatures, which include members of the orders Hymenoptera (bees, ants, and wasps), and Isoptera (termites). Eusociality is characterized by a colony being “ruled” by a Queen, who is the mother of the colony, and has a very strict division of labor. The workers, such as Kraggor, in this type of system are always the Queen’s daughters or sisters, who perform upkeep tasks, building, food gathering, and caring for the young. Males in these colonies are soldiers when they live in the colony, although in the case of termites, many colonies have both a King and a Queen.

Some species of gall-forming aphids or thrips (order Hemiptera, or True Bugs) display a type of eusociality where non-reproductive members of the gall become soldiers, who protect the young.

Nightwraith wrote:Image

August 12, 2011
[url=http://epicduel.artix.com/gamedesignnotes/flash-fight-2000-1112]The Unending Battle for Better Flash Performance

Flash Fight 2000

Just when we thought we were making some good progress in improving EpicDuel's performance, Adobe swoops in and releases a sneaky, ninja update to Flash Player of their own that is just crushing animation performance in EpicDuel. Titan is talking with Adobe to find a solution to the problem, but it may take some time, especially if the problem is on their end.

We first noticed this while playing EpicDuel on Chrome, which installs the latest version of Flash Player ( automatically (convenient, right?). Firefox and Internet Explorer worked fine until we updated Flash Player on them.

Until this issue is resolved, you may want to try a different browser without the latest version of Flash Player, or try uninstalling Flash Player and theninstalling an earlier version of the program. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this issue seems to be beyond our ability to control. Such is the double-edged sword of Flash game development.

Balance Update

With this release we are rebalancing all skills that have fixed effects by adding a improvement faction based on level. This includes buffs, debuffs, shields, damage dealing skills that have fixed damage, and a few other skills that see limited use at higher levels. The net result of this is that all skills affected will be slightly weaker at lower levels and stronger at higher levels.

For those who want a complete list of affected skills, here it is:

Damage Skills: Plasma Bolt, Fireball, Overload, Plasma Rain, Super Charge, Artillery Strike, Multishot, Surgical Strike, Bunker Buster, Plasma Cannon, Stun Grenade, EMP

Buffs: Technician, Field Commander, Reflex Boost,

Debuffs: Malfunction, Intimidate, Smoke

Shields: Defense Matrix, Energy Shield

Other: Hybrid Armor, Blood Shield, Assimilation, Super Charge, Toxic Grenade

Because of this huge, sweeping change, and because we've spent so much time combatting Flash's performance issues, we have decided not to raise the level cap this week.

ADDENDUM (red means important!)

Due to the unexpected performance problems form Flash Player and the extensive nature of the balance changes, we have decided to postpone the release until next week (mid week) to include more thoroughly tested balance changes and actual content. We'll be usuing this weekend for additional balance testing in addition to solving the Flash Player issue. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience, but this time it wasn't actually our fault!

Cinderella wrote:Image

August 16, 2011
Balance Breakdown, and your normally-scheduled update
Hi there EpicDuelists. By now you’ve heard about the way that the latest version of Adobe Flash forced us to delay the update by a few days. We should release later today (Tuesday) or early tomorrow (Wednesday) assuming a bit of code Titan is currently working on works the way it should. Again, we sincerely apologize for the delay. Working in the Flash environment means that we have to constantly adapt to a changing language, and sometimes updates to Flash cause problems for us, and we’re not always able to predict what a new update is going to bring.

Break it Down

Here’s the deal on the new skill scaling. Fixed-damage skills (eg Fireball, Plasma Bolt, etc) will be calculated with a level 1 base damage, the stat factor, and either an Improve value after level 20 or a Reduce value before level 20, so essentially lower levels (where fixed-damage skills tend to be overpowered) will see a reduction in effectiveness. At higher levels, these skills will essentially receive a buff. This should really improve things for caster mages.

The follow skills now have their base damage scaled by level: Field Medic, Plasma Bolt, Fireball, Overload, Plasma Rain, Super Charge, Artillery Strike, Multi-Shot, Surgical Strike, Super Charge, Bunker Buster, Plasma Cannon, Stun Grenade, Plasma Grenade, EMP Grenade, Technician, Field Commander, Reflex Boost, Malfunction, Intimidate, Smoke Screen, Defense Matrix, Blood Shield, Hybrid Armor, Assimilation, and Toxic Grenade.

Percent based skills (Double Strike, Berzerker, Massacre and Bludgeon) will work differently than they had previously. How it works right now is that they’re calculated by base damage + weapon damage - [defense/resistance]) x % bonus = your damage. After this update, it will look more like Deadly Aim, in that your damage = (base damage + (weapon damage x % bonus))- [defense/resistance]. This should be a buff for builds that do not rely entirely on strength, but players will insane amounts of strength should see a slight reduction in damage. The goal was to encourage deeper investment in skills that scale too well with only one point of investment. The percents for all of the skills affected by this change have been adjusted.

The way robots work has also been changed. Using either the robot’s special attack or the robot’s attack will cause both options to go into cooldown. The cooldown is staying at 3, however, to keep bots from being the "instant kill" weapon they have been in the past. The Gamma bot will also receive a small damage buff (+1 for a new range of 12-16 damage) to help compensate for the extended cooldown.

Assault Bot's special now reduces Curse.

Maximum block chance reduced to 40% (down from 45%). Shadow Arts can increase block chance up to 50%.

Critical Strikes now ignore 50% of defenses (down from 75%). Maximum critical strike chance is now 20% and you now have +1% chance to critical strike for every 7 support over your opponent. Minimum crit chance reduced to 1% and base crit chance is now 4%.

Other Skill Changes:
  • Multi-Shot increases damage per 4 Dexterity (down from per 5 Dex)
  • Plasma Rain increases damage per 4 Technology (down from per 5 Tech)
  • Static Charge's energy restore effect is no longer affected by defenses. It now uses 80% of your damage BEFORE defenses when calculating the percent energy restored. The percent on Static Charge has been reduced by 5%.
Static Charge will now work by taking 80% of your combined base damage from strength and primary weapon damage. That will be the number that is considered for the energy restore.

For example, if your primary damage was 13-16 +28, let's take 14 + 28 = 42 * .80 = 33.6 (rounded up to 34). At level 1, Static Charge now restores 28% damage to energy, so you would get 28% of 34, which rounds up to 10 energy. In addition to this, if your actual damage dealt is higher than your combined strength and weapon damage (like when your crit on an opponent with low defense), the actual damage will be used to determine how much energy is restored.

The actual damage you do with Static Charge is still effected by defense or resistance and is 100% of primary damage (same as Strike).

Weapon Mutation

Another obscure feature of this release is a change to the way items that switch classes (Founder Armor and Beta Gear) now work. They have been recoded to work dynamically, meaning faster performance for the database, and the ability for us to add class changing items in the future! This change involved standardizing the base states of these weapons, so you may notice a slight difference in the stat configuration. Your enhancements, however, will remain the same regardless of class.

Friday Friday, gotta get down on Friday...

We also have things planned for Friday! Because everybody’s looking forward to the weekend. Nightwraith’s confirmed that we’ll be releasing some bazookas and guns (although I haven’t statted them yet, so I can’t tell you the prices. Sorry). However, I can tell you that they will be high level, with both varium and non-varium options.

Old Fortune City

Many players have collected the Old Fortune City Key, and wondered what it means or what to do with it. It’s unsurprising, many of the planet’s inhabitants wouldn’t know about Old Fortune City. Many years ago, before the scourge of Baelius, prospectors from all over the galaxy made their way to Delta V to mine her precious varium lodes. They called their little shanty town “Fortune City” because of the promise of untold riches. They built the city up from the few ramshackle tents, however its glory was short-lived. The varium lode they’d been mining was larger than previously anticipated, and the vein continued under the city. The settlement sunk beneath the surface of the planet, and was largely forgotten. Decades later- perhaps out of a desire to romanticize the harsh lifestyle of the prospector, perhaps out of an odd sentimentality- Baelius commissioned Fortune City to be rebuilt over the ruins of the old mining town. Now known as Old Fortune City, Oz and the other exiles were able to excavate enough of the town’s structures to use them as a base for their operations.

Insect Fact of the Week

Slight correction to last week: termite colonies include male workers.

Ants are fascinating animals, and some species maintain agriculture. There are only four known animal groups that have discovered agriculture- humans, bark beetles, termites, and ants. It is about this last group, ants, that I will speak today.

Leaf cutter ants are true farmers. The workers of the colony collect leaves and use these leaves to cultivate their fungus gardens, which provide food for the entire colony. One such species of ant is entirely female- there are no men in this species at all!

Other ants keep other insects as livestock. In these species, the ant colony maintains a herd of aphids, which they can milk for honeydew- a sweet, delicious (to ants at least!) substance that aphids produce. The colony is able to maintain control over their herd through chemical signals- the aphids follow chemical tracks left by ants, which keep them from wandering away from the herd. In return, the ants protect the aphids from predators, such as the ladybird beetle.

Nightwraith wrote:Image

August 19, 2011
Status Report
Another week gone by, another week of battling the recent animation lag that was introduced by the latest Flash Player update. After talking with Adobe and many other programmers, Titan was finally able to make headway in fixing the damage. The problem is the fix is very time consuming and will involve a massive overhaul of some critical components, which is why we didn't feel confident in updating this Friday. With some luck and a few long nights and early mornings, we'll be back on track for another update next week.

Problems like these are about as fun to solve as they are for you to endure, so we appreciate your patience as we deal with them as quickly as possible.
Old Fortune City

Many years before the war, Fortune City was a small mining colony that quickly grew as work of the Varium boom spread across the galaxy...perhaps too quickly. Unregulated mining created a massive sinkhole that caused the entire colony to collapse beneath the surface of Delta V, burying thousands of miners and their families with it.

Far below the bustling metropolis of its predecessor, the colony now exists as Old Fortune City, a terrifying reminder of the callous excess of Baelius' reign.


Since it exists outside of the patrols of Legion guards, Old Fortune City is also contains a heavy concentration of Exiles. It's rumored that the Exile leader's base is deep within the ruins, just below the home of his mortal enemy.

New Weapons!

Here's a taste of the new high level guns and bazookas (varium and credit only!) coming next week to EpicDuel! Look for them in the newly-opened Old Fortune City!


New ED Site!

We've been looking at the websites of competition and we feel it's time to step up our game. Charfade has been a busy bee painting this beautiful EpicDuel scene for our new website.



There were several items we hoped to include in this week's balance update, but due to time or oversight were not included. These changes will be included in an update next to *hopefully* address imbalances remaining among the new and original classes. Our testers have been battling relentlessly all week and coming up with a comprehensive list of ideas to make balance stronger than ever! Despite arguments to the contrary, we don't favor any one class, even if certain classes are easier than others. EpicDuel is at its best with a diverse assortment of opponents!

P.S. It doesn't do anyone any good to berate Cinderella if we miss our mark on updates. In many cases there are circumstances beyond our control that cause an update to be delayed, and it's hardly her fault. She's just going based on the information we can provide. Thanks for your understanding.

Nightwraith wrote:Image

August 26, 2011
New Old Fortune City
Titan vs. Adobe

After a struggle spanning many days, from the darkest cavern, to the highest peak, until at last, Titan threw down his enemy and smote its ruin on the mountainside! That is to say, Titan and our wonderful crew of testers made it known to the software behemoth that their latest "update" was ruining performance in EpicDuel (and a few other Flash-based MMOs) so they essentially released an update just for us! I'd call that a WIN. Get the latest version of FlashPlayer here! Thanks Adobe!

We've also been making some important changes to the backend of the game -- changes we can't go live with until they are completely. Because of this, we won't be releasing until later tonight. I'm predicting a... *summons the guidance of the mischievious time faeries* 9-10 PM EST release time.


As a byproduct of the efforts to optimize EpicDuel and streamline performance, Titan has been replacing all the interface components in the game. This paves the way for another very important feature going forward: localization. Soon* EpicDuel will be available in multiple languages, starting with Portuguese. It's a good thing we don't have as many quests as the other AE games, or that task would be monumental!

*Soon as in sometime in the future that may or may not be near at all we don't really know

Ye Olde Fortune City

Tonight, you will be introduced to the newest area of Delta V, or is it a sub-area? In any case, Old Fortune City, the current headquarters for the Exiles is accessible through the staircase in the back of Hank's in Fortune City. All the new equipment will be there, so you'll want to hurry if you want to be the first to check it out!


New Gear!

Of course, we didn't forget all the lovely implements of destruction we showed you last week! They're still coming, and thankfully, there's plenty for Varium and non-Varium players! You might also check out the Limited Quantity Shops. Just sayin'.

A New Champion Rises

We've been teasing at a new character to be introduced to EpicDuel since the early Delta previews. We're finally ready to drop him in game, but not quite ready to reveal his true identity. Some of you may already have figured it out, but the explanation will shock you!


DragonCon 2011!

It's that time of year again, folks!


Time to dust off your plastic lightsabers and Doctor Who fezzes and join us for the 2011 DragonCon in Atlanta, GA! This will be AE's 7th consecutive year attending and if you plan on going, we would love to meet you!

What is DragonCon?
It's basically a four day long, 45,000-person costume party with games, comics, anime, robot battling, art galleries, vendors, concerts, celebrity guests, and panels on everything from how to swordfight, write novels, make costumes, meet the cast of your favorite TV series…AND you can go to our panel and meet US! DragonCon is for audiences age 16+ (unless accompanied by a parent.) DragonCon is not run nor operated by Artix Entertainment.

Thursday Night at 8pm to 10pm
Everyone is invited up to our suite at the top of the Mariott (Room 4724) on Thursday to eat pizza and hang out with Artix, Cysero and the team. This pre-DragonCon party is for ALL AGES and is very casual and informal.

Meet the Staff
Mmmmmm.... Free Pizza, Soda, Water and Air.
No costumes. You can dress up if you want, but you should save yoru costumes for the AE Panel that happens the next day!

Friday at 2:30pm at the Sheraton, Savannah room
Join us as we kick off DragonCon's gaming track with the official AE panel. It will take place on Friday at 2:30pm at the Sheraton hotel, in the Savannah room. If you brought a costume, dress up for the panel!

Meet the AE Team!
Learn... secrets......
See brand new cheesy videos
Quiz questions for the audience with prizes and giveaways!
Yes... the rumors are true. We have ONE, still in shrinkwrap, 2011 Calendar with the Chronomancer class that we will give away during the panel. (For those of you who cannot attend, we have one more that we will be running a contest for in-game)
X-treme real-life Moglin Punting!
Bring things if you want them signed by the staff. (This year we are making sure we have PLENTY of time to hang out after the panel and talk and sign things.)
Bring your art to drop off in our art box
We received a letter from EbilCorp that Chairman Platnum is going to "stop by" our panel.
Official release of the game *shivers* Ponies vs Ponies!
Fan Table
Also this year, there will be an Artix Entertainment fan table located in the Hyatt. Stop by each day for a special ribbon to hang on your DragonCon Badge (Jemini made them... there is a different dragon for each day!) There are limited quantity of badges for each day... so first come first serve! We will always have two members of the team and any volunteer players who want to hang out and play battle cards with us. There will also be an art drop-box on the table if you want to submit any of your artwork in person.


Pack your energy drinks and assorted totems of nerd culture and join us for the biggest AE party of the year! Remember: what happens at DragonCon, stays at DragonCon...until it's posted on the Internet!

Cinderella wrote:Image

August 30, 2011
A Draconic Design Notes
Hey there EpicDuelists! Sorry about making you wait for the last update- we ended up having more to fix than we’d anticipated. I cannot apologize enough for the delay, and I cannot apologize enough for the lack of communication from me personally. I’ve started my Master’s Degree and teaching undergraduate bio lab, but don’t worry! I’ll still be writing the Design Notes for all your EpicDuel needs.


As Nightwraith explained in the last DNs post, ArtixEntertainment is visiting the 2011 Dragon-Con in Atlanta, GA over the weekend. You will be able to meet most of the AE staff, including EpicDuel’s own Nightwraith and Charfade! I wish I could be there with you guys (see the previous paragraph). Say hi to everyone at the lab for me though!

On Thursday Night from 8-10 join the AE staff at room 4724 at the top of the Mariott for a pizza party with Artix, Cysero, and the rest of the team! It’s all ages, and super-casual (although I would not suggest showing up in pajamas and bunny slippers. I mean, I guess there’s no one stopping you...)

On Friday at 2:30 PM at the Savannah room at the Sheraton, join the staff with the official AE panel (if you’re cosplaying, that’s the place to do it. If you’re of the female persuasion, I can suggest a certain EpicDuel Biodome scientist whose costume is particularly inexpensive...) There will be videos, moglin punting, quiz games, Ponies, and more!

Dragon Duds

To celebrate DragonCon, the Dragon Weapons are returning to Delta V, along with two new mutating weapons (by which I mean they change class with you, not that they cause point changes in your DNA): the Draconic Destroyer and the Draconic Devastator. These powerful weapons will be limited quantity/time seasonal rares. These items will last as long as Dragon-Con, but after the con period is over (midnight on Tuesday, September 6), the shop quantity will reset to 0.


We will also be returning the back-to-school items, and just like last year these, as well as the Dragon items, will be available from Slayer in The Barrens (Barrens Outpost).

There will also be new Varium and credit-only Dragon styles available from Steve 2.0 in Fortune City or Steve 1.0 in Central Station.


Calendar Giveaway

Alina announced in her Design Notes today that there are FOUR 2011 Year of the Moglin Calendars up for grabs! All you have to do to enter is to complete an offer from AExtras. You can find them under “Get Points” when you sign on to your Master Account at Portal.Battleon.com. Don’t think you have a Master Account? Luckily for you, if you're an EpicDuel player, it’s your EpicDuel login! The more offers you complete, the more ArtixPoints you can receive, and the more chances you have to win!


This calendar includes a code that unlocks the Chronomancer class in AQW and DragonFable, as well as the Chronomancer armor in AQW.


To show our international community some love, one calendar will be awarded to a player from each region of the world:

[*]Northwest (North America)
[*]Southwest (South America)
[*]Northeast (Asia and Europe)
[*]Southeast (Africa, Indian Peninsula, Australia)

Offers are not available in all regions, and all AExtras are third-party offers. We have no control over the content of the offers, or what offers are available worldwide. As always, participate at your own risk.
Insect Fact of the Week

To celebrate DragonCon, today’s Insect Fact of Science will be about Dragonflies! Dragonflies are characterized by large multifaceted eyes, two pairs of transparent wings held perpendicular to the body at rest, and their bodies are elongated. They are hemimetabolous insects (if you remember my earlier fact about insect metamorphosis, this means that they gradually molt from a nymphal form to an adult form), and the nymphs live in water.

Dragonfly nymphs have a unique mouth structure, where the labium (a part of the mouth that resembles a chin on many insects) is modified to extend from the insect to snatch prey. They then use these raptorial mouthparts to hold prey- such as aquatic insects, other juvenile insects, or even fish- while they eat it.

Adult dragonflies are generalist predators (hence the association with dragons) and eat mosquitos, flies, bees, ants, and very rarely butterflies.

Dragonflies are very similar to Damselflies, but can be distinguished by several characteristics. For example, damselflies hold their wings parallel to their bodies, over their backs, while it is physically impossible for dragonflies to do so.

Nightwraith wrote:Image

September 06, 2011
Dragon*Con Recap
There's nothing quite like it. At least, not in my limited experience. A mini-Universe of condensed nerd culture that forms and dissipates every Labor Day weekend is truly remarkable, and I'm happy to have participated in it for the second time this year.


Just after the crack of dawn, we loaded the Awesome Party Bus of Doom with costumes, luggage, and laptops, snacked on coffee and muffins, and began the long trek to Atlanta, GA for Dragon*Con (after waiting for Stratos, of course). The journey was long and fraught will peril...in the form of ZOMBIES! Well, not real zombies, but zombies on a popular TV series Korin brought for us to watch that happens to actually take place in Atlanta!

Pizza N E 1?

After we arrived safe and sound at the hotel (no zombies other than cosplayers!), we promptly received our badges and checked into our rooms to decompress and gear up for the fan meet-n-greet pizza party in Artix's suite. It was great fun to see you guys in real life, even if you didn't look anything like your in-game counterparts. I guess hotel security confiscated your armor and weapons! Voltaire even stopped by for a special guest appearance!

The Panel

It was extremely amusing to see AE staff dressed as their in-game counterparts. We had more cosplaying staff than ever before, and Artix's paladin armor received a major, full-metal upgrade! I can't even imagine what the players and hotel staff were thinking as we filed into that room on Friday.

This panel was even longer than last year's, but it didn't feel like it. If anything, we could have gone for another hour or two! There's always so much to do and show and tell and so many questions to answer. We hope to post some clips on our DNs once they're edited, but if your Youtube-Fu is strong, you may be able to find a camera phone clip or of the panel's highlights.

Thanks again to everyone who was able to make the journey out and see us in person!

Everybody's Workin' on the Weekend

Dragon*Con is a time for work and play. A time for AE staff to recharge their batteries, make connections, and converse with fans. This convention, a much higher percentage of time was devoted to work than previously. Most of our games were releasing major updates and some staff even stayed behind to put in insane hours over the weekend to make sure the releases were as polished as possible. Titan himself rolled THREE DIFFERENT RELEASES for EpicDuel to install interface fixes, improve stability, and, of course, release the Draconic Multi-class Weapons! Did you pick them up? If not, you're in luck, because we decided to keep them in game until we roll our next release (possibly Wednesday) to ensure everyone has a chance to get them since we released so late on Friday.

New Game?

As if the stresses of preparing for Dragon*Con and our panel weren't enough, we decided to launch a new game (a several major game releasing) during the convention: Ponies Vs Ponies. There were some technical problems with the launch, made even worse by the fact that it was impossible to communicate with the outside world during the panel in the Sheraton, which had apparently just installed their dwarf star alloy walls.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Because we love you, that's why!

Nightwraith Is Bad at Cards


Card games are games for which I have zero skill. The gaming public learned this fact when Practel challenged me to a vicious game of BattleOn Battle Cards. I was utterly devastated by his relentless onslaught. He used every opportunity to counter my attacks, negate my blocks, and steal my paltry defenses. Such spectacular failures are often the stuff of myth and lore, the details too fantastical to be accurately recounted. This monumental defeat will haunt me until next Dragon*Con, when I have a stack of "custom" cards (maybe?).

Though I wasn't able to capture any cards, we DID manage to give away ALL of Charfade's signed EpicDuel postcards at the fan table! If you have one, congratulations! You're one of 100 people with a card!

The Road Home

It seems to be tradition that the weather for the last day of the con reflect our emotional state upon leaving -- sad and gray. Once again, we trudged to the bus and loaded our collective experiences in the overhead bins on the bus and began our trek back to Florida.

For those of you who have never been to Florida, we have some fascinating weather patterns here. Within the span of a minute, the weather can go from sunny and dry, to a torrential downpour, and back again. This happened the entire ride back on the bus as we watched awful cartoons from the early 90s (THEY WERE COOL AT THE TIME), recalled the best con stories, and tried our best to sleep.

When we finally arrived at the lab, the sky was angry yet again, but there was no rain in sight. We had finally unloaded our costumes and luggage from the bus and were about say our goodbyes (until the next day) when suddenly: Drip, drip, drop, ASLPPPPPOOOOOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! The entire sky opened its fearsome maw and instantly soaked everything and everyone not loaded in a vehicle.

Now, it's back to business as we work on another release for Wednesday! Bye Dragon*Con! Dragon*Con 2012 can't come soon enough!

Cinderella wrote:Image

September 13, 2011
Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Ahoy there, you Bilge rats, man Jacks and Stowaways! It be your Master-at-arms, Cinderella. Hold fast and read well this here flag hoist, to avoid bein’ sent to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Yarr, it be Talk Like a Pirate Day, and for the first time, we’re celebrating here on Delta V. You Lubbers can talk to the bonny wench Big Tuna in the West Naval Yard for some nice booty! Let your colors fly with the Talk Like a Pirate Day achievement, send your enemies across the bar with new Pirate-themed weapons, and look the part with new nautical styles!

And of course, you’ll need to talk like a pirate on September 19th, or you might have to meet with the Captain’s Daughter!

(For future reference, the Captain’s Daughter is another name for a Cat of Nine Tails, an instrument of punishment.)

Farewell to Dragon Weapons

Nightwraith was nice enough to extend the length of time the Dragon weapons were in the shop. However, it’s time to send them down to Davy Jones’ Locker until next year!

Everyone who should have received the Dragon Master achievement but was not awarded it should have already received it by now. Email Nightwraith@Battleon.com if you're still having an issue!

They Might be Giant...

...Water bugs! Known among scientists as Belostomatidae, Giant Water Bugs are the largest insects in the order Hemiptera (also known as True Bugs), between 2cm and 12cm or more in length. These giant predators prey upon crustaceans, fish, and amphibians, and have been known to feed on baby turtles and water snakes. They pierce their prey and inject the victim with digestive fluids. They have been known to bite humans, and their bite is considered the most painful.

One interesting aspect of Belostomatidae is that they are one of the few insects to demonstrate parental care. After mating, the female lays her eggs on the male’s back, and it is he who cares for the eggs until they hatch.
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EpicDuel Delta Evolution 1.3.1d - Thursday, September 8th

Postby WhiteTiger » 14 Sep 2011 02:41

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September 08, 2011
Ninja Update
Ahoy there, EpicDuelists! By now I’m sure you’ve all read Nightwraith’s and Artix’s recaps of Dragon*Con (if not, go read them now!) If you’re a loser like me and didn’t get to go, there’s always next year!

But now here’s a bit about the ninja update that just happened!

Interface changes

You may have noticed that some things look different in game- for example the home editor buttons got a lot more shiny (oooh... shiny!). This is reflective of general changes to the interface system. We’ve been improving the way that the buttons and interfaces in EpicDuel work in order to make them more streamlined. Another example is the Inventory screens, which were improved over the weekend.

Balance Changes

Mages should find that their builds are more versatile now, and sword-wielding mages no longer have such a big percentage of their skill trees blocked off. Plasma Rain and Bludgeon no longer require staffs. This should prove to be a significant buff to the mage classes.

Back to the Cave!

Since DragonCon is over, the Draconic weapons will be leaving the game! We left them in a little while longer, since there was a delay in the last update (we got delayed last time, but we’re early this week? MADNESS!). The Dragon and Back to School weapons will remain.

Everyone who purchased a weapon qualifying them for a Dragon Master achievement will also receive this valuable achievement!

Performance Updates

Titan’s still on the warpath against junk code and finding ways to make the Server Hamsters less lethargic, so players should experience a more streamlined performance (although yelling “FIX THE LAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGG” at me is still unlikely to make the server hamsters move faster. They’re kind of contrary like that.)

Welcome Hudelf!

I’d like to take this opportunity to formally welcome Hudelf to the EpicDuel staff! Hudelf is joining our little team as a programmer. Let’s all wish him a warm welcome and a smooth transition! Remember, he's still an apprentice, but he's learning quickly the arts of code sorcery from Titan!

Insect Fact of the Week: Butts!

This week, we’re going to learn about some of the most interesting butts in the Class Insecta: Fireflies!

Fireflies (or Lightning Bugs) are members of the family Lamprydiae in the order Coleoptera. This means that they are neither bugs nor flies, but beetles! They’re called Lightning bugs or fireflies due to the fact that their butts glow.

Fireflies have a set of light-emitting organs on the lower abdomen, in which a bioluminescent chemical process takes place. The light produced is a cold light- it contains no heat/infrared frequencies. The glow serves as a defensive mechanism for larvae and as a means of communication for adults. This is pretty unique among insect species- most mating signals are mediated by scent, but fireflies use visual communication. Some species have very distinctive courtship signals, where the male signals to a female, and she will glow in response to him. However, females of some fireflies will mimic the response of females of other species to lure males, who they will then eat. Nom.
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