Information/Opinions About You/Your Character

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Information/Opinions About You/Your Character

Postby WhiteTiger » 12 Apr 2011 03:26

Since I've been seeing a lot of spam threads popping up, and I assume it's just your way to get an easy 15 posts for the raffle, I decided to make one universal thread. Any new thread that can fit into a topic here will be deleted and considered as spam. Things you can discuss here:

  • Your favourite armor/weapon/helm/cape/class/house/mecha/etc...
  • The amount of <insert currency here> you have.
  • If you are or aren't upgraded in a specified AE game
  • Your level.
  • The appearance of your character.
  • Your character's progress in any single player AE game.
  • Your opinions on which item is the best.
  • Which moderator/developer you would like to meet.
  • Your favourite Video(s) relating to any single player AE Game

You should also use this thread to discuss anything else relating to a topic listed here and does not deserve its own thread.

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Re: Information/Opinions About You/Your Character

Postby chris39520 » 13 Apr 2011 16:15

I haven,t upgraded all my single player games
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Re: Information/Opinions About You/Your Character

Postby SinastrWraith » 14 Apr 2011 22:14

I love chrono stuff in general. Fortunately my friend bought Chronomancer for meh (YAY) and I love it! Deathknight is good too, and Necro is awesome for DF.

Oh yeah, favorite vid(s): Illuminator96 Epic Damage 4 and EDMV Riot.
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Re: Information/Opinions About You/Your Character

Postby stevenhilton » 26 Apr 2011 12:41

I am level 70

and these are my main equipment

-Ill Fortune's Gain
-Doom Knight Armor
-Defender's Dragon Ring XVIII
-Defender's Dragon Necklace XVIII
-Defender's Dragon Belt VI
-Warrior of Chaos IV
-Entropic Cape III
-Baby Dracolich Pet
-Summon Gem - Roktoru

Hope any one can suggest me a good ice weapon...
p.s There might be blade of awe in dragonfable this week...not sure
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